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Yeah. It's been forever. I've been doing my best to keep up with everyone's posts. I still check the Friends list at least once a day and read everything -- even if I don't comment.

Where have I been? Well, in addition to being busy since graduating from college in '09, I had a hellish year in '10. Seriously. As far as what happened, if you've been keeping up with me via other platforms (i.e. Twitter or Facebook -- let me know, by the way, if you want me to add you on either) you know what. They were serious, life-changing things that never seemed appropriate posting material. But they happened. And things happen. All the time, to everyone. So, we're going to put that portion of this post to bed now.

The reason I'm doing a new post is because, if you've missed my rambles for some unknown reason, you can find me on Tumblr, username: lostoracle. Twitter, I'm fae_kae. Facebook, send me a message and we can exchange info to become friends.

However, if you're still straight-LJ, I'm going to do my best to start commenting again. It felt weird for a while, but now that I've broken the ice, if you will, it might be easier.
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Miscellaneous Stuff...Somehow Mostly British

Yes, I know, I know, LJ spam. But I couldn't space these out. Yesterday we had a bad storm, so that took time away. Today, I had stuff to do. And I also kept getting distracted with random things/products to do research on.

So, some randomish things:

  • I finally found time to finish The Truth. Hooray, so so good! This allowed me to make another dent in Misfortune. Loving that, as well. Then again, it's Wesley Stace. And he's brilliant. And he also signed my copy. So, it's even more brilliant all around.

  • Even though today was Sunday, it didn't really feel like a Sunday. I blame that upon the third series of Kingdom ending last week. It was such a perfect Sunday show, with a Sunday feel. Even if I didn't watch it on a Sunday, a Sunday feeling is always good. So, open question: Any shows that you get a Sunday feel from? (Assuming that makes sense. )

  • No, I haven't been able to see HBP in cinemas yet. Yes, I do plan on it. I just don't know when. In the interim, I would like to revisit a post I did a while back, inquiring which HP character you think I would be. I got some lovely responses, but before I go to them, I should mention that the upcoming movie and my waning fangirl were not the sole reasons I requested responses. I re-took that MBTI personality test to see what I was now and if I had changed since I was younger. Well, I had. Not much, but I have. I'm an INTJ now.

    I had also taken the corresponding Harry Potter test for the MBTI quiz pre-uni. Then, my personality type made me Remus Lupin. This was of course up my alley, because I adored Remus at the time. And I had a friend who adored Sirius Black, and we had our own names for each based on these characters. (I named her Jirius McBlack and she named me Sherus Lupson -- a mix of our names and theirs.) Now, I am Snape. Yes, Snape. I'm not saying that's that bad of a thing. Just for personal reflection really. Just think: If only Remus had gone to my university and had some life situations like mine, he'd be Snape. Or something. Blah, who cares. (I do, but that's besides the point.) (Also, all characters if you're interested.)

    As for the answers my f-list gave, well, I adored each one and some I hadn't even thought of -- but of course flattered me very much.

    1.rouji: Toss between Hermione and Young Remus Lupin: "You seem to have a studious theme going here. :)"
    2.hergrace: Tonks: "You've got a lot of different facets, and each shows through in different posts. :-)"
    3.bluetonguedlion: McGonagall - Inspired partly by my sarcastic moments
    4.shard: J. K. Rowling herself - "You are funny and creative, kind and caring, and strong and spirited. I suppose, then, that'd be most like Hermione, since she modeled Hermione after her young self, but whatever. You're JKR."

    Hee, WIN all around! You guys are lovely, as always, and make me feel so special. :) Honestly, this makes me wish I had enemies/haters I could show these comments to and then yell, "Suck it!" -- probably before I threaten to cut the person in half like a Tauntaun. (Oh, Tina Fey, the spell you have over me.)
  • i'm a twit twat

    I'm sorta kinda almost on the -ish and -esque side of adulthood, you guys!

    So, for the curious few (or one or two, ZOMG! rhyme!), I train tomorrow. There's a special training center for the parish libraries that I go to. The time is 9:00 to 4:00 but they said that it may not take me til 4:00. But whatever. It's not technically my first day of work but at the same it technically is. (Don't you miss the old day when looking at things technically simplified the situation?) I will be training, but not working at my branch. At the same time, I'll be getting paid (holla!). Tuesday I work at the actual branch/place I'll be working. So, that will be my first official official day of work. I'm scheduled for 9-5:30. Wednesday, I guess I have to leave early, because my orientation for my benefits package is at 3:00. (I thought they'd wait a few weeks, I mean, it doesn't kick in for 90 days anyway.) But whatever. May as well get it over with.

    So, my schedule will pretty much be the same: 9-5:30 Monday through Friday. However, some weeks I'm going to have Monday nights (to 9PM) and Saturdays (10AM-2PM). Not bad. We alternate apparently. And those are extra hours which should mean extra money.

    Also, when I left the human resources lady's office, she said "I'm so glad we finally get to have you." Thought I'd share. In a totally nonarrogant way. Yes.
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    Cat Days of Summer

    Okay, so, even after Brylee left (by the way, visited her, and she's slightly terrified of me now, convinced I am going to take her away from her parents again. Always nice.) the week was busy. Thursday, I went to do paperwork for work, get on the payroll, etc. And the rest of the day was kind of blah, as I had a headache to nurse. Friday was going to be errand day. It was going to be take care of this and that, including buying a few more clothes for work attire. This did not happen. Friday was a very long day that started in the morning and ended after midnight because Oliver was throwing up. It was a bit forceful to be regurgitation, so that had me sort of worried. But then, he was just not himself. He was like a zombie version of himself -- only even more stiff and slow. The lethargy was a warning sign, but I had to wait a couple hours to go the vet, because that's when their walk-in hours are. He ended up pepping back up, still had a sick stomach later that night, though. The vet tested to see if there were any parasites they missed the first time, there weren't. And everything else looked and sounded fine. He gave me some suggestions, etc.

    The vet also said that we'd be back in 2 weeks for vaccinations. And since Oliver did come from some outside cats, he strongly suggested we test him for the viruses before we give him the shots. So, hopefully he's free of them and will be fine after the shots. He gained a quarter pound since the last visit, so he's up to 12 ounces. Hopefully in 2 weeks he'll make it to a pound, because I think that's what they're waiting on him to get to before the shots.

    Oliver's acting fine. And he can't say I didn't spoil him because I brought his box in my room for the night to keep an eye on him. And I've finally gotten him on softened food! It took me forever to figure it out, but what I needed to do was get the hard food soggy enough but not mash it up. He won't touch soft/mashed up food. So, I get it soggy enough so that it's mashable/chewable and he can easily chew it -- but it's not mush. And he likes it. My mom forgot and gave him a bowl of milk replacer this morning, and he wouldn't even touch it. He waited for me to get him some soft food. Yay Oliver!

    I'm just kind of worried now, because I start training tomorrow (more on that in another post) and I'm going to have to leave instructions and count on my mom to feed him during the day. I'm going to try and work it out so she just has to do it once. And I'm going to have to make super specific instructions for her. Possibly with graphics...

    Also, just because I haven't blabbed enough, now have I? Once again, at the vet, the doctor (we had a different one this time) and his assistant kept talking about how gorgeous Oliver is. I hope this doesn't go to his head.

    And another also, an unresolved question has been resolved: Gracie (Oliver's mum, outside cat, came to us as a stray kitten, etc.) has indeed been tending to the rest of her litter. How do we know this? They are now wandering around outside near the garage/washhouse. There are four: 2 white like Oliver (1 exceptionally fat and fuzzy) and 2 black like Gracie. They are not friendly, so it might make finding homes for them even more of a challenge than it's already going to be. They should be 6 weeks now, so they're at that age when it's okay to say bye to mama.
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    Gone, Baby, Gone

    So, where have I been the past couple of days? Here, yet busy. My sister and brother-in-law were taking their three oldest on a short vacation -- a closer spot to home and cheaper, as the budget was not very big this summer, and I was going to watch Brylee -- 21 months old. Note: She has never had a night away from her mother in her whole life. I thought they were leaving Tuesday morning, but then they decided to leave Monday night to spend the night at his dad's, who lives near the swim park they decided to go to. Monday night was more like Monday evening. So, before I knew it, I was babysitting Brylee. She did fine without her mom, but she is a troublesome sleeper -- even with her mom. She wakes up a good few times throughout the night and she also does this half-asleep crying thing at intervals. And does not lie still. This was not a good night of sleep for me.

    But the next day, I was able to get her dad's mom to watch her for the day. I should note that I fell asleep not long after I dropped her off that afternoon. And woke up five hours later. They were going to keep her for the night, but I went to check on her just in case.

    She was fine, so I was going to leave her. Until the people who would have her for part of the night were not so keen on waking up a few times. Some couldn't because they had work, and her little cousin opted out of it. So, after establishing all that, I brought her home. And kept her a second night. Last night wasn't as bad, but still tiring. And I woke up with a hell of a pain in my back and hip -- though that's a usual occurrence for me anyway. So whatever. We played a while and then my mom finally got up and watched her while I took a shower and then while I napped (only 3 hours this time). And then the baby took a nap. And then her parents came home, so I took her home. I have no idea when she'll finally talk, but she was in such shock to see them, she had no idea how to react. She just sat there hugging them, staring into space. And I bet she doesn't come anywhere with me for a while.

    Also, should note that I was still taking care of Oliver while also taking care of Brylee. He's getting older and better (eating out of a saucer, but still not eating food-food), but still takes some maintenance to take care of. I feel like I neglected him the past couple of days because I really wanted to keep trying to wean him off the milk replacer, but so far no luck. And I'm sure the lack of consistency didn't help. And tomorrow morning I have to go to the library and fill out all the paper work and then go to the payroll office and get in the system. No idea how long that will take, but hopefully it's not an all day thing.

    So, again, that's where I've been. I know I usually do at least some catching up on posts from days I missed, but this go-round, I may have to take a round check.
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    For shard

    Ah, my dear, dear, Jellybean. I think it's pretty cool you let me call you on your cell phone when you first got it. (Not that I'm a stalker! I swear!) I know you're just a little younger than I am, but for some reason I always saw you as little JB, so I have to keep pinching myself when I remember that you're in college!) Hehe, and I do absolutely love that your love of television (especially when compared to current movies) is probably almost as big as mine. Then again, I shouldn't sell you short, should I? I think it's cool that you also traversed far into a really different climate for college. I also think it's rather awesome that no matter where you are, where you go, who you're with, you retain all your ideologies and beliefs and never let go of them. You may go halfway across the country during the academic year (gee, that sounds so familiar...;)), but you are still one of the most rooted and grounded people I know. And that's pretty darn cool. You also had the best comment to the meme entry for this: "I LIKE ATTENTION. :D"
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    For suesand

    Well, I think it's pretty cool that you live so close to me in real life. Hee. I also think it's pretty cool you trotted back to LJ after so long! Trust me, I've been there! I feel like everything I'm going to say has something to do with me, but, to hell with it! It's pretty damn cool that when I first built my blog, you hosted me. You always had such wonderful sites, yourself. And were always so sweet, and friendly. You were one of the people who actually turned up for that HP chat I hosted all those years ago -- I don't even you or anybody else actually remembers that! But, I do. And it meant a lot to me. That's the thing about you, always there to do the little things that are sometimes worth the world to others.
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    For runawayblue

    Oh, Beth, Beth, Beth. Where do I start with you? I don't even know! First off, I remember that the way we met was pretty darn cool in itself: it was a multi-fandom friending meme and I put down that I loved Basia Bulat, hoping I'd grab some fellow fans to squee over her with. And look at that. I got you! I can't even listen to "I Was a Daughter" without remembering that fantabulous Pushing Daisies fanvid you did. Since we first friended each other, I've gotten to watch you become a more avid SNL fangirl than I am! And I love every minute/post of it! So much so, that, I'm willing to forgive you for not being as acquainted with the Fey/Fallon years yet. Hee. You'll get there, and it's SO worth it. (They were my first Weekend Update team when I started watching the show every new ep. Remind me tell you a somewhat dorky story about that sometime. For now, this post is about YOU.) I love that if I'm ever jonesing for Will Arnett and/or Seth Meyers, you will have some kind of juxtaposition with the two of them somewhere. You are also an extremely talented cartoonist, and I wish you the best of success in that field! (Maybe UCB will develop a cartoon series, and you can be its artist!)
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    For tanyareed

    (So yes, finally doing these posts, hooray!)

    Well, independent of our LJ interaction, I do think it's pretty darn cool that you moved in with your grandmother recently. She sounds like an awesome granny and is lucky to have you! Actually, so am I. You are often the epitome of sweet, and I can tell from your posts how genuinely you care about everyone and everything. It's a shame we don't have more of you in our lives! Everytime I see something related to Cold Case, I think of you. And I don't mind! Anything I get to associate with you is top notch in my book, I love it! And I love having you on the f-list. Keep up being almost too endearing for your own good! Hee. :D